How to Conquer Writer’s Block

Have you wanted to begin your article or blog but can’t seem to progress after seeing a blank page? Are you riddled with lots of great ideas, but can’t quite figure out which one to use? Are you stuck on a certain part of your writing outline?

Unfortunately, aside from procrastination, you are probably experiencing the writer’s block – a hurdle in your creativity that prevents you from finishing your task.

Perhaps the most common occurrence of experiencing the writer’s block is in starting your project. You are faced with a blank page or paper and you experience either a lack of creative ideas or fear of not being able to write something you can be proud of. Every writer experiences it and most get overwhelmed. This often leads to procrastination that results to a poorly and hastily written post or article created just to reach your deadline. The article you wrote may just get rejected or you may get asked to re-write it over and over until it becomes good enough to meet your editor’s standards.

There are ways to overcome and conquer the writer’s block. Take time to read and try the different ways to conquer the writer’s block. Just remember that not all of what is shared below can work for you, so it is important to figure out which one helps you beat your writer’s block.

  • Don’t allow the fear of failure get to you. Instead of thinking about the negative feedback you might get from what you will write, think about getting recognition from it. Remember that it is natural to get asked to revise a few parts of what you wrote. In the case that your work gets rejected, do look at it as a way for you to learn. Take notes, review your work and try again.
  • Affirm your talents. Get up, look at your reflection in the mirror and read an affirmation. Repeat it three times or as much as needed until you believe what you are reciting or saying.
  • Calm your nerves. If you are just new to writing, you may get too excited or too scared. Listen to calming music, preferably one with no lyrics. Drink a cup of tea or something warm to help soothe your nerves. Your task may be overwhelming so tackle it one sentence at a time.
  • Take a 10-15 minute break. Sometimes you just need to take a break. Give yourself time to settle down. Perhaps you have overworked your brain cells and all you need is some down time. Do something that will help you de-stress, something that is not related to writing or to your writing task. Think of doing what you like to do or something that interests you.
  • Think of happy thoughts. Stop thinking first about meeting your dreaded deadline. Watch something funny, a viral video, or something inspiring to help lift your spirits after beating yourself up for getting stuck with a blank page in-front of you. This will be especially true when you watch babies laughing or animals doing funny things.
  • Set up your workstation somewhere else. Your mind may start churning out words for your article when you have a change of scenery. Working on a different station or looking outside your window allows your mind to drift away. Play your favorite song, daydream and let the ideas in while you are at it.
  • Get moving. Try walking up and down the stairs or go for a 5 minute walk around the block. After being active for even a short bit of time your mind will get re-charged ready to finish the tasks you have.

Try each one of the tips mentioned above and see which one works the best in helping you conquer writer’s block. Do you have any suggestions? What tips and tricks work best for you? Let us know in the comments below!


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