Don’t Be Drab: How Your Art Can Influence Your Fashion

Many authors are fluent in many subjects and because they write about different topics and in different styles, they need a unique wardrobe to accompany their writing. With such a variety of techniques, styles, languages, and genres, why should our fashion taste be the same?

UntitledEclectic writers, listen closely. The key to pulling this style off is having a ton of confidence and being yourself. An eclectic writer often wears vintage clothing items. To better accompany this look, include cowboy boots with lace. This eclectic look uses a bright colors and prints, each balancing each other out, not breaking the mix and match rule. Choosing this style also provides comfort and somewhat sophisticated look.

5569NBLACKEBAYMAIN_zps3259660eThe “sexy” writer and the business writer can merge into one group. If the clothes worn are too revealing, then agents and editors may not take you seriously. Both writers wear skirts and button down shirts along with heels and panty-hose. While these styles should be worn with confidence, caution should be exercised as well. If too revealing, a “50 Shades of Grey”-esque scenario might occur, and nobody wants to be fetishized or blamed for any sexual harassment that may take place. (It sucks, but it is a reality… unfortunately.)

f3f6d56dce1f0a6ca488196524ea2dd8If you have been in the writing game for quite a while now and have connections, this style is for you. The casual writer is a look of both clean and comfortable, but not suitable for the event. Wearing every day, comfortable clothing, you will, as a writer, present yourself as someone who has enough a ton of confidence. You may impress everyone around you by your style, giving off the “I don’t need to impress anyone” aura because of the simplicity of your outfit and what you’re wearing. Because it makes you look like you know what you’re doing and like you’re part of the “in” crowd, this look will be especially effective for you.

UntitledThe exact opposite of the casual writer, the dressed up writer, is presented as a more serious writer who sticks to their promises. They often wear fancy dresses or even three piece suits. Much to one’s surprise, ladies can pull off the suit look off. If you decide to take after this type of writer, you will end up demonstrating that you take your job seriously and play no games. If you want your outfit to trigger conference faculty to treat you with a more gentle touch than otherwise, this is the perfect look for you!

UntitledLast, but not the least stylish, is the funky writer. Funky writers often wear ripped or skinny jeans with concert t-shirts and a more 21st century haircut. The funky writer’s wardrobe and outfits can be degrading if you’re trying to appeal to an older audience. Although you may have lost the older generations, you will not lose the younger generations. Because your style may be thought of as the average teenager’s style in today’s world, you may be able to speak to them and get your point across to them better than you would have with the older crowd.

We have the ability to control what we write and make it our own, so we should be able to control what we wear. When it comes down to picking an outfit, we need to consider what kind of writer we are, and what kind of writer we want to be perceived as.

What do you wear? Do you unconsciously rock any of these styles, or do you take the world by storm in a style of your own? Be sure to share in the comments below!


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