The Hodge Agency Team

We know how awesome life can be once you have a career you’re proud of. Each of us went through our own transformation not too long ago, one that radically changed the way we looked, worked, and lived.

We learned from transferring our transformation into every other aspect of our lives and made them better than we ever imagined — from our careers, to our relationships, to our day-to-day lives. Now we help other writers do the same.

It’s our mission to help other writers get that same amazing experience, build a career they can be proud of, and lead bigger lives.

K.J. Hodge: Editor, Coach, Publishing Consultant

K.J. Hodge has been writing and editing works for little over a decade. A native born-and-bred product of Washington, D.C., she currently resides in the District and travels nationwide for her clients. She is the bestselling author of two books, an award-winning writer, and has worked with national companies such as NPR, WAMU, and Viacom. K.J. has her MA in English and Creative Writing.


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