Everyone Deserves A Chance to Get Published

Along with being consultants for independent authors and writers,  we also accept submissions to publish creative nonfiction works such as autobiography, memoir, travel writing, food writing, literary journalism, poetry, and personal essays. Here are some of the things that we include when we select an author to join our roster.

Paid Advances

A paid advance for a book is technically called a book advance against royalties, but most people simply call it a book advance. This means that even before selling one copy of the contracted book, a publishing company will lend an author a specific amount of money  – generally between $1K and $10K – that will is taken out of their royalties in advance. Until this amount of money is recouped from book sales, the author will not receive any royalties. At The Hodge Agency, this is not our philosophy.

We believe that we have the right to recruit unrivaled talent. We also believe that the artists that we recruit under our traditional publishing company are our investments. Not only do we provide a $250 paid advance upon signing, but we also provide our authors with at least 40% of their royalties (depending on book costs).

Author Development Series

Our Author Development Series are more than just writing workshops and peer editing exercises. We are dedicated to building the author holistically – their craft, their business acumen, their public speaking ability, and their work/life balance. All events in this series are open to the public, however, our independent published authors receive exclusive discounts on writing retreats, conferences, and workshops.

Marketing and Publicity Plans

At the Hodge Agency, we hire industry professionals to create author-specific marketing plans to reach their ideal audiences. After we research the demographics that are most likely to remain long-time supporters of their works, we strategically find the most effective ways to connect our authors with those supporters.

We don’t just promote them on social media. We build local tours, assist our authors with community engagement, get our authors involved with local businesses, and then expand their platforms regionally and nationally. Our marketing for our authors includes ensuring that their books are available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, libraries, and other notable print and online retailers internationally.